Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance Training

The dragon, a lucky charm in Chinese mythology, is greatly revered in Asia. In the western world, it is often described as a dangerous and malicious creature, but in the case of the Chinese dragon, it is exactly the opposite. In both cases, however, the dragon is a being with supernatural powers. The Chinese dragon stands for power and inner strength. For many Chinese scholars, authors but also for the general public, the dragon is the king of nature. For more than 1000 years, the dragon dance has been cultivated in China, but also developed further.

It is performed there for New Year, business openings, Taoist temple festivals and other ceremonial occasions. It brings luck, health and prosperity. The body of the training dragon consists of wooden skeletal segments covered with a fabric that is decorated with mirrors and ornaments. Also covered with fabric is the head, which consists of a bamboo frame. The lower jaw can swing up and down. The whole dragon is moved by Kung Fu students with the help of sticks attached to the skeletal segments.

The dragon dance depicts the dragon's quest for the pearl of wisdom. The dragon chases after the pearl, which is also carried by a martial artist. The dragon dance is accompanied by characteristic drum and cymbal music, which supports and accompanies the choreography of the dance.

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